Race the Craze

Vol 3 | Issue 1 | Jan – Jun 2017 | page: 1 | Pinky Thapar

Author: Dr. Pinky Thapar

Chief Editor – International journal of surgical cases
Email: pinkythapar71@gmail.com.

Race the Craze

Dear Readers

It seems that the wise and most educated humans are lost ….lost in the race..
The crave and craze to project has led to appearance of a Mask on everyone’s face and people are so happy wearing it that they have forgotten their true purpose..Pseudo smiles; pseudo confidence ; super pseudo Ego; Rigidities; inertia to change; have become part of our daily living… The number game has made us so immature shifting the focus from quality to quantity.
What are we doing? Lets look back and introspect… Are we chasing each other ?
Where will this race end or is it never ending ? What’s the purpose achieving positions and power? Is it to satisfy our
ego or is it for a better Present and tomorrow. Are we in our own little way taking efforts to improvise?
So let’s sit back and get the positive change.. Let’s not just follow each other; rather create a path for others to
follow..Let’s utilize the position and power for human approach towards our profession.. The biggest achiever is the
heart full of gratitude. So let’s connect to the Self and serve better with our full
abilities..Let’s not criticise fellow beings for their mishaps and incompetence..
The purpose to serve is to connect to your higher being. Awareness and consciousness will overpower the mask and true nature Will prevail.. Let’s get enlightened and be humble to serve. Let’s pledge to do No Harm by Thoughts,words, and deeds… And then we will
experience our Inner self … the lost self..
The pace will be slow and peaceful. Power would be beautiful but not powerful…Love alone would be sufficient to rise and care..

Warm regards

Pinky Thapar

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