Volume 1 Issue 1 July Sep 2015

International Journal of Surgical Cases

Vol 1 | Issue 1 | July – Sep 2015


  1. Editorial: Dr Pinky Thapar
  2. Guest Editorial: Ashok Shyam
  3. Voluntary inferior shoulder dislocation in a seven year old child – a case report: Mahesh Choudhary, Shefali Gupta.
  4. Treating Avulsion fractures of the PCL tibial insertion by Posterior Approach – A Case Report. Neha N. Goghate, Vikram V. Kadu, K. A. Saindane , Ninad Goghate.
  5. Management of seventeen day old infected H.De Boeck et al type 4b-Supracondylar Fracture Humerus -A Case Report: Milind M Deshpande, Abhinandan S Punit, Rohit V.
  6. Treatment of Recurrent Patellar Dislocation of Knee using Medial Patello-femoral Ligament Reconstruction- A Case Report: Chirag H Chudasama, Ankit Syal, Ankit S Patel, Ruchir G Patel.
  7. Chondromyxoid Fibroma of Humerus[CMF] – A Rare Case Report: Nandkishor Goyal, Gautam Shah, Sameer Patil, Aashish Ghodke.
  8. Spontaneous Intramural Duodenal Hematoma with concomitant Acute Pancreatitis. Deshpande A, Takalkar Y P, Shukla K, Dr. Kaddu D, Thakur B A,  Hira P.
  9. Post Ercp Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis; Entity To Remember: Mirza B K, R Y Prabhu,  Sagar R K,  Sharvari G P,   C V Kantharia.
  10. Pneumothorax – A Rare Complication Of Laparosocpic Total Extraperitoneal  Hernia  Repair: Rege Sameer,  Arora Amandeep,  Surpam S,  Kotak N,  Patel Rd.